Frequently Asked Questions 
The Quill no longer returns to the top of stroke after drilling? 
The quill return spring is broken - Replace. 
Drive to the Spindle is lost (M-Series only)? 
Check gears in gearbox for stripped teeth - Replace as necessary. 
Drive to Spindle is lost (L-Series only)? 
The vee belt is broken - Replace. 
Why do your machines not have tilting tables? 
We believe it is more important to retain squareness between spindle and table in both planes, using fixtures for angled drilling. 
The motor on the machine feels very hot? 
Our motors will run up to 80°C above ambient, this is normal. 
New return spring has been fitted, the quill will not now travel as far as before? 
The spring has been fitted incorrectly. In use the spring must tighten inwards to the centre, not outwards to the wall of the spring box. Incorrect fitting will also cause premature failure.  
The chuck key does not fit into the chuck, the guard is in the way? 
Ensure the guard is correctly fitted. Over time the scale carrier can move down the quill, taking the chuck guard with it. If this has occurred release the clamping bolt and move the quill further through the scale carrier and re-tighten. 
We have changed speeds on the belt pulleys, now the machine will not run? 
If the machine is fitted with a belt cover microswitch ensure that the cover is correctly seated and locked down. 
We are getting a noise like a bearing rattle at the front of the machine but the spindle is not loose? 
Check the belt tension, this should not be so tight as to produce this rattle (unless the bearings are worn out). 
We have a Meddings drill made in Slough, are you the same company? 
Yes we are. The company transferred production from Slough to Ivybridge in the mid 1970's.  
Do you have a blog? And what is a blog? 
Yes, we have a blog. Our blog is a nice way of adding any relevant resources or information that we feel may help you in your search through our sites. We hope it may be of interest and may lead you to the answer you need. 
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